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Investigate the downside before becoming a Taxed Payer of
Marco Island

This site is under construction. Absolutely nothing presented on this site can be deemed factual. Your due diligence is essential.
Be advised that the opinions and views presented throughout this website may not be factual.

Your Taxed Dollars

"As soon as you say six zeros, you get people's attention pretty quick."
--> The Manager

Fool'em with flim-flam

Present the Taxed Payers with cost per household per year.

Taxed Payers are being guided toward another tax increase.

How many zeros did you write on your recent tax payment?
Will you feel like a fool next year too?

Get The Manager's attention "pretty quick".
Demand use of your
previously collected million$ in property taxes that are stashed away.

No Zeros Required

Band Shell & Mackle Park funds should be readily available.
Taxed Payers have prepaid for these dreams and much more. 

Your taxes are stashed away in CAFR accounts.
Gov increases taxes and borrows more via bonds.
You and your children will pay the bond debt.

Your property has a lein against it.

Bond = Bondage

What backs these bonds?
Your gov's ability to tax you

Taxed Donkeys
They accept what they're fed, carry the burden and whipped into compliance when they resist.


Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

How many million$ and where are your CAFR Funds?
Your stashed cash is hidden in plain sight

Deny - Defend - Ignore - Mislead

Return those funds to the Taxed Payers.

Although taxation is legitimate, running a government surplus is not.

Your stashed CAFR funds should assist local small businesses with parking and promotion.
How do Churches and City Parks meet parking requirements?
What requirement was met for their seating capacity and expected patrons?
They're dependent on swhale parking.

They don't even pay taxes for God's sake!

Isn't it a coincidence your council approved the Marriott and immediately started a war on Bed N Breakfast operators.
What happened to the million$ Marriott offered to fast track the 'Batte' bridge?
Why no weight limits posted on our new expensive bridges?

What special treatment will the Hilton and Ocean Resorts request and receive?

How did Utility Bond refinancing suddenly cause 6.7 million$ cash windfall to appear?
Who, when, where, how, why or what happened to that cash?
How was it initially acquired - where did it go?


The Pump

Located behind Mackle Park Maintenance Bldg is a septic system dosing chamber ... aka pump station.


What is the source and destination of the sewage effluent?

Read Letter to Rios

Gotta Beef?

You get 4 minutes
Sorry, Times Up!

Potty Train

Feces Fetchers
Royal Flush

Veteran's Park has fully functional rest room facilities.

- - -
Mackle Park visitors use a chemical toilet with no water. Sewage is hauled away...
For six years. Why?

Feces Fetchers can't even wash their hands.
-  -
A pumping station and a fresh water main is inches from the fence.

View: The Pump
Read: Letter to Rios

Private Nuisance Nov 15 2015

Private Nuisance Nov 23 2015

Councilor Rios - Dosing Chamber

Intrusions upon intrusions. Deny and Ignore. This is most certainly a fabrication. Did someone antagonize these dogs? Deny and Ignore.

Typical Morning

Afternoon - Evening

- - -

Living In Fear


City Council 2015

Whose wife “feared for her life” because of the noise?

Who set the record straight on beach funding?

Which councilors benefited from replacing and raising the height of the SmokeHouse bridge?

Private drive, Water Plant, Public Works, LCEC, Park Maintenance and two parking lots converge here. Construction, maintenance, private vehicles, dogs, people, bicycles and other foot traffic meet at this point. City Officials have been informed more than once so they bare this knowledge. A public parking lot located on a RSF residential street, Lily Ct.? The city manager and parks committee admit it's "Political". They chose to ignore public safety so as to maintain their popularity. View the PRAC Nov 2015 meeting.

Run Forrest. ..



Aggression:  Human and Animal

It is the intent and purpose of this article to regulate uses and activities in the city in such a manner as to prevent excessive noises, which degrade the quality of life, disturb the public peace, and jeopardize the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the city.

Fugly Sunday

Prior to 0900

You Got That!

You better get it!

Caution: Foul Language
Nov 28 2015

Take a stroll in Mackle Park

Carry a wedge.
You may need it.

Administrator Alex doesn't believe there's a problem. "It's pretty much dark over there."

Stop by, Alex.
Take a stroll in your park.

Call it "research".

It is the intent and purpose of this article to regulate uses and activities in the city in such a manner as to prevent excessive noises, which degrade the quality of life, disturb the public peace, and jeopardize the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the city.   ..FWI  The above is not applicable to solitary citizens.

0730 Sunday Morning

Nov 8 2015

Questions, Comments and Innuendos

This doesn't help

Conversation over lunch while watching news and enjoying the fresh air.

Lunch or crunch?
Let's do lunch
Nah, I wanna go home now.


Traffic at 4 way intersection on Lily Ct.
A busy street used as a parking lot. Possible Safety Hazard!
Not necessarily, according to this Park Advisory Committee member.

Not one committee member nor The Manager disagreed.
Nuttin hazardous til sumtin happens... "regularly"


What hazard?

Yours, Ours or Theirs?

Deny - Defend - Ignore


Deny - Defend - Ignore
Hillary Simon


What are the park hours!
Ours or Yours?

Park Hours


Ours or Hours

Yours or Ours
Hours or Yours
Yours or Hours
Ours or Yours

He knows - -

"Exactly what time it is!"

"The dogs don't know what time it is."

"Their dogs have been patient all evening."

Thursday night - - Most any night

Bitten seven times.

Say hello to my little friend
--> Tony Montana

The Dog That Doesn't Bark

Dogs Take Priority Over Citizen


 "Their dogs have been patient all evening"

Dogs insist on a park visit!

Did he talk to the dogs?

Alex will investigate.

He sure will  -  He sure hasn't

The Manager

Parking Lot

A few moments on Lily Ct Thursday Nov 19 2015


 "I just think it's funny!" Snicker

Funny like a clown, to amuse you! This makes you laugh, here to amuse you! What do you mean funny, funny how? How is this funny?
-->Tommy DeVito

She'd like to know how those videos were created.

The Inquisitive
Not necessarily a hazard.

They agreed to take no action..
Alex will investigate it - He sure will...

PRAC members research park affairs and advise Marco Island officials.

The audio overlay of this clip is the committee discussing this issue.


Deny - Defend - Ignore


The Regular

NBC2 News 2014

Homeowners complain to county about dog park


Misinformation. ..

Alex researched it!

Validates the Peter Principle

The Research / Investigator

 Most any night...

Misinformation. ..

Doesn't believe there's a problem after dark.

There's no lights over there!



Stop by your park sometime, Alex.

The Administrator

Congestion and Confusion

Lots happen in the lot.
A mixed up muddled up shook up world
- ->Lola - The Kinks

From inside a home on Marco Island

Quiet Breakfast!

Don't count on it.

Dog rights over citizen rights.