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Heathwood and Lily
Marco Island

Video Sept 20 2014

Rain and run-off is common throughout the summer.

The kind folks, in speeding white trucks, present one finger salutes throughout the entire year.


Aftermath easterly

Aftermath westerly

Years of Accumulation

Traces of early morning traffic on Sept 21 2014

I'm extremely grateful to those who directed the removal of the run off from our driveway on Sept 22 2014
Will the swales be cleaned and returned their previous grade and condition too?


Nov 9 2014

Drainage from Maint. and Dumpster area

Driveway accumulation in less that 60 days 

Petroleum Residue


Coming Soon

Mackle Park Lagoon

Why is fishing prohibited in the lagoon?

You may be surprised (although I am not).

A bit more investigating.