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Bond Refinancing for Water Utility

"Bond refinancing also will cut the interest rate in half on the bonds — from an average of six percent to three percent."
CoastalBreeze News

The 6.7 million$ savings achieved by the lower bond rate doesn't appear to have reduced the debt at all.
If so - Why?

Although the interest rate has been cut considerably the finance rate charged to the citizens appears to remain close to the original 6%
The interest rate charged shall be representative of the city's cost of funds. Sec. 52-139(2) - Installment payments.

Is every island property, including City owned, required to connect to the central sewage system?
Which island properties are currently exempted? - Why?


What you don't know can't hurt you!

As of Sept 2015, according to the City's website, no crime has been reported since Jan 2014

Burglary - Murder - Bomb Threat - Identity Theft considered crimes on Marco Island?

Should the City Crime Reports webpage be updated or deleted?

Councilor's wife "feared for her life"

Complains over Christmas carols being sung


Most cellular phone plans apply a "Local Tax"
Does Marco Island receive any portion of the "Local Tax" funds?  How much and how are they allocated?
How does the local Taxed Payer benefit from these taxes?

Why is a portion of SR-951, South Collier Blvd, closed and apparently used as a staging area for private construction?

Why are there no weight limits enforced or even posted at recently replaced bridges?

Is it unusual for a city to mount municiple signs to utility power poles?


Mackle Park Area

Is the lake at Mackle Park a lagoon?
If so, does it comply with FDEP and other regulations pertaining to lagoons and holding ponds?
What is fed into this lagoon?

What is the length of time for a Port-a-Potty permit on Marco Island?
Perpetually - Five+ Years - Indefinately - Depends Who You Are?

Is this area exempt from manditory sewage connection?
Why don't the fecal handlers "ever" wash their hands?
Is raw fecal matter considered a bio-hazard?
Where and how is the fecal matter disposed?
Where does the concentration of dog urine go?
When a dog dumps outside the fence should the handler be obligated to stoop for the poop?
Why is there no supervision at the dog park?
Why is there no inforcement of hours of operation?
Why is the dumpster cover always open?
Why does the city have infestation(s) problems?
Why are municipal signs attached to private utility poles?
Why are street signs not compliant with the FHWA?
Why is handicap parking improperly designated?
Are facilities and access to the park ADA compliant?
Does the City ignore numerous flagrant ADA violations?
Why does the city ignore parking requirements when they build parks?
Could ignoring ADA violations place Taxed Payer's funds in jeopardy unnecessarily?
Does the city have double standards?


Lily Ct
Marco Island

Video Sept 20 2014

Rain and resulting run-off is common throughout the year.
The kind folks, in speeding white trucks, present one finger salutes throughout the entire year.

Sept 20 2014 

Aftermath easterly Sept 21 2014

Aftermath westerly Sept 21 2014

Traces of early morning traffic Sept 21 2014

Debris removed Sept 22 2014
Will the swales be cleaned and returned their previous grade and condition too?


Nov 9 2014

Nov 09 2014

Drainage from Maint. and Dumpster area

Nov 09 2014

It's baaack!  Accumulation after less that 60 days 

Petroleum Residue

Nov 09 2014


Sept 22 2014

Two months later Nov 27 2014

Thanksgiving Day


Coming Soon

Mackle Park Lagoon

Why is fishing and swimming prohibited in the lagoon?

A bit more investigating.